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How Can I Amend My Puppy’s Aggressive Behavior? Strategies Needed


Dear VetBabble: How Can I Correct My Puppy’s Aggressive Behavior?

“I have a young Bulldog puppy that growls, barks and even tries to bite when I tell him ‘no’. I don’t want to scold him or act aggressively, but how can I assertively communicate what I need to him?”

This is a question many pet parents may have, especially those navigating the unfamiliar stages of puppyhood. The key is to teach our furry friends what’s right in a loving, positive way, and avoid reinforcing aggressive behaviors.

Training Your Dog to Understand Commands

Your puppy, like many pets, responds to the energy and attitudes around him. By adopting a positive and calm demeanor, we can correct misbehaviors without causing fear or resentment in our furry friends. Saying “no”, scolding or raising your voice may not be as effective as you might think. A better approach would be to teach your puppy clear commands such as “leave it”, which can guide his actions in a more precise way. Information on how to teach this command can be found here.

No-reward markers can also be valuable tools in the training process. They help communicate instances when your puppy has not acted accordingly without being excessively punitive. Utilize these markers during your training sessions, which ought to occur three times a day, with sessions lasting 3-10 minutes each. More on no-reward markers can be found here.

Discouraging Aggressive Behaviours like Growling and Barking

One of the most common issues puppy parents face is excessive barking. However, there are informed methods that can help mitigate this issue. Check out this article on our site titled Teaching Your Dog Not to Bark for some insights. And, if your furry friend is having a tough time kicking the habit, this additional resource titled How To Stop Dogs Barking might be of assistance!

Ensuring Good Behaviour Around Guests

Along with barking and growling, an overly excited pup might forget his manners and jump on guests. This behaviour can be discouraged by training sessions where good manners are not just suggested but consistently rewarded. We have a wonderful article called How to Stop Your Dog Jumping on Guests that might be helpful. And for overall good behavior, this guide titled No Free Lunches – Simple Tips for Good Behavior might offer some valuable tips.

Training any pet takes time, patience, love, and consistency. It’s crucial to remember that every pup is unique and will respond to different training practices at his own pace. But with careful dedication, positive reinforcement and continued patience, you’ll soon have your energetic pup responding to commands in a loving and respectful manner. Best of luck!

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