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Is it Normal for a 2-Month Old Puppy to Bite Everything, Including Me?


Dear VetBabble, Is It Normal that My 2-Month Old Puppy Bites Everything… Even Me?

Dear pet parents, today’s topic concerns a common question that many of us may have encountered, especially those of us raising our furry friends from their puppyhood. Let’s discuss the typical puppy behavior of biting during play – is it normal? And if so, how do we manage it? By discussing our exemplary English Bulldog pup, hopefully, we can shed some light on this for others that might find themselves in the same situation.

Is Biting During Play Normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for puppies to use their mouths when playing, exploring and interacting with their environment, including their beloved humans. This behavior stems from their teething phase. Just like a human toddler, when their little teeth are poking through gums, puppies will try to soothe discomfort by enthusiastically biting and chewing on objects. However, as responsible pet parents, we need to educate our pups about bite inhibition, ensuring that this normal puppy behavior does not evolve into problematic biting in adulthood. You can learn more about this topic by reading Teaching Kids to be Safe Around Dogs.

How Can I Discourage My Puppy from Biting Me?

Managing the puppy’s biting habit is essential to ensure a healthy bonding experience and help develop appropriate behavior. One simple method is to react when your pup bites too hard during playtime. Express your discomfort loudly by saying “ouch” and stop playing immediately. This gives your pup a clear signal that they’ve gone too far and helps them understand human fragility. It’s about teaching them, not punishing them, so keep an eye out not to scare them off. Alternatively, if a puppy continues to bite hard consistently, it’s essential to consult a professional, like a behaviorist. They can provide you with strategies to manage this behavior effectively and ensure it doesn’t escalate into adult dog aggression. You can find more about this in our article, How Can I Help my Aggressive Dog?.

Could This Be a Dominance Issue?

While many of us may believe that biting is a sign of a puppy asserting dominance, recent studies and professional observations suggest otherwise. This misunderstanding is referred to as the ‘Dominance Myth,’ and we have a detailed discussion on this in our article Modern Dog Training: The Dominance Myth. So, it’s essential to approach your puppy’s biting habit from an understanding perspective, bearing in mind their physical discomfort due to teething. Speaking of teething, you could utilize their dental development state to estimate their age. Check this interesting read on How Can I Tell my Puppy’s Age with its Teeth? To wrap it up, understanding and addressing your puppy’s biting habit is key to ensuring positive playtimes and helping them mature into well-mannered adults. Remember that patience, persistence, and professional advice are your best friends on this rewarding journey of raising your furry little pals!

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