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Why Won’t My 12-Week-Old Rottweiler Puppy Walk on a Leash: Stubbornness or Fear?


Dear VetBabble

My 12-week-old Rottweiler puppy refuses to walk outside on a leash. Is it stubbornness or fear? How can I encourage my puppy to walk outside comfortably?

Understanding the Root Cause

Firstly, let’s address the idea of stubbornness. Dogs, by nature, are not stubborn. Instead, they may display fearful behavior that appears to be stubbornness. It’s essential to understand that their hesitance may stem from anxiety or uncertainty. Therefore, forcing your puppy to walk outside when they’re uncomfortable with doing so can make them more resistant and fearful, which will not help your situation.

Promoting Positive Associations with Leash-walking

Instead of forcing your puppy outside, use high-value treats to create a positive association with the leash and being outdoors. Start the process indoors by putting on the leash and offering your puppy treats to associate the leash with a positive experience. Gradually move towards the door, still using treats and praise, and then eventually to the outdoor environment. Remember to keep your puppy within their comfort zone, never forcing them to go further than they’re comfortable with. Your patience and support will help your puppy gain the confidence and excitement to explore the world outside. If your puppy ever shows discomfort, reward them with treats for being brave and then return home. The goal should be to create a calm, happy, and positive environment for your puppy throughout the entire process. Don’t worry if your puppy takes a little while to adjust; the world can be a scary and brand new place for them. As their owner, it’s your responsibility to guide them through positive interactions and discoveries, ensuring they never feel forced into any uncomfortable situations.

Additional Resources for Leash Training

For additional help in tackling challenges related to leash training, here are some useful articles to guide you through the proper techniques for stopping leash-pulling, managing lunge behavior, and even walking your cat:

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Additionally, you may find the following article helpful to establish basic principles of good behavior not only for walking outside but also for other aspects of your pet’s life:

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By following these tips and resources, working on positive reinforcement and keeping things within your puppy’s comfort zone, you should soon see progress in their confidence and enjoyment of walking outside on a leash. Remember to keep up the encouragement and kindness; soon, your puppy will view outdoor walks as a positive experience!

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