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Can Something Terrible Happen if My 11-Week-Old Puppy Swallows a Large Bone Whole?


Dear VetBabble: Concerns About Puppies Swallowing Bones Whole

Dear VetBabble, I am a bit worried as my 11-week-old Coonhound decided to swallow a rather large bone in one gulp. It was quite a surprise for me as I thought he’d just chew it. Is something terrible going to happen? Could it possibly block his digestive system or will his stomach acids dissolve it? What warning signs should I keep an eye out for over the next week? As a loving pet parent, your concern for your puppy’s well-being is touching. Here at VetBabble, we strive to provide the best advice tailored to your specific situation. Our primary goal is ensuring your pet’s continued health and safety.

Understanding the Risks of Bones for Dogs

First and foremost, let’s decipher the risks associated with feeding your dog bones. Not all bones are suitable for dogs, and some can even pose serious health risks. To learn more about the safety of giving your dog raw meaty bones, read our article here. Generally, larger and harder bones not designed for consumption are risky, and there is a chance your pet may swallow these without fully chewing them, resulting in complications.

Possible Digestive System Blockages in Dogs

The main worry in situations like these is the possibility of a blockage in your pet’s digestive system, known as a foreign body obstruction. If the bone is too large to pass through the intestines, it could become lodged, causing severe discomfort and potential harm. To fully grasp the dangers of dogs consuming foreign bodies, we suggest reading our article here. Typically, signs of a foreign body obstruction can include lethargy, straining to pass feces unproductively, and, most notably, vomiting. You could find our article on Vomiting in Dogs: Causes, Treatment & When to Worry helpful to understand when it is necessary to worry in these circumstances. So, if your normally playful and energetic Coonhound becomes lethargic or begins vomiting, it is imperative to contact a vet right away.

What to Do If Your Dog Swallows Something Unsafe

If you witness your dog eating something he shouldn’t have, there are steps you can take immediately to mitigate potential consequences. The sooner you react, the better chance you have of preventing serious complications. We’ve noted some important steps in an article that discusses what to do when your dog eats something it shouldn’t, available here. If you suspect your dog has swallowed a bone without chewing, or anything else that may be harmful, it’s crucial you monitor for any signs of discomfort, and contact your vet immediately if necessary.

It’s clear that you take great care of your little Coonhound, and it’s natural to worry about him. Just remember to choose safe, digestible bones for his size and breed, monitor his eating habits, and keep track of any noticeable changes in his behavior. Your diligence will go a long way to ensure your puppy grows up healthy and happy.

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